After You’re Engaged

After You’re Engaged

After he or she has popped the question and all the wonderful emotions are out the way, you then have to start planning the things to do after you’re engaged. It can be scary and stressful but its a very exciting time to plan the day that sets the tone for your future!

Your Wedding Budget

wedding budget

When you are doing this it’s very easy to go over the top and plan a huge wedding which doesn’t exactly fit your budget. Make sure that you can spend within your means. There are so many great deals that you can get and also get things together with the help of family and friends. Making things such as decorations and invitations can really help keep the cost down.

Your Guest List

wedding guest list

Putting a guest list together is such a vital part to planning the wedding. After you’re engaged you are going to want to invite everybody that springs to mind. It may be worth narrowing down your list as this will affect the venue that you book as well as the catering. Choosing a set amount of people for your guest list is hard work, but worth the effort.

Find Your Wedding Venue

wedding venue

Planning a wedding takes time and make sure you take that time to find your wedding venue. Book a venue very quickly as some people get confirmations months in advance. It is hard to do this quickly as choosing a place to host is very important.

What is the Vision?

It’s so important to have a clear direction to head in as drifting left and right can cost you a lot of time and money, not to mention increase stress levels. Talk to your partner and find out how you would like the day to pan out and make sure you enjoy that process to! Find out what the vision is and head straight for it.

Wedding Entertainment

wedding dj

Obviously we feel this is the most important aspect of the day as the music can make or break the day. There are so many choices but we believe we have the best options available for you. Choose a band that suits your needs and have the best wedding entertainment available.

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