Best Wedding Themes

Best Wedding Themes

Wedding themes have become a craze in the last few years with couples getting married as Disney characters or getting their face painted to look like Shrek. What are the best themed weddings and how do you pull it off without making it look like a weird gimmick? It’s very easy to get pulled in too deep as you explore all the possibilities at hand. 

Your wedding day is a chance to express yourselves and celebrate the things you love. Here are some ideas that could help you get started planning your special day. 

Festival Themed Weddings

Festival themed weddings

We have seen festival themed weddings become more popular over the last few years as there are so many options you have to work with. There is nothing better than laying in a field and listening to your favourite tunes with a cold cider on a sunny day. If you have a farm for a long weekend you can really explore ways to make your day unique and can get creative with having street food and games as well as having tents for accommodation. 

The decor with the marquee is always a special aspect of festival themed weddings and with the rustic look you can really make it look fantastic.

Fairytale Themed Weddings

Fairytale themed weddings

Every young girls fantasy, a fairytale themed wedding is the perfect setting for your special day. For this you will defiantly want to pull out all the stops in a beautiful stately home and a three course meal with a string quartet playing in the background. Not to mention the flower decorations that give you that feeling of being in a Disney movie. 

There is no fairytale wedding that is complete without a horse and carriage, this has to be the first item on your list. As far as wedding themes go this could set you back a pretty penny but there is nothing to expensive for the princess of the day. 

Rustic Themed Weddings 

Rustic themed weddings

One of the most common wedding themes, rustic weddings have swept the nation with thousands of Mumford and Sons fans able to take their hipster dress style to the max. Getting married in a barn does have something special about it especially once the sun goes down and you have the fairy lights creating a wonderful atmosphere. 

It also allows you to be a bit more relaxed when it comes to catering and your wedding cake. Rustic weddings always develop into something special as people warm up to the idea of the setting. it allows them to let their hair down instead of trying to keep their tie straight the whole day. Plus, you can dress your groomsmen up in any clothes you want and get away with it. Maybe it’s just an excuse to look scruffy on your wedding day right? 

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