Booking the Best Bands


The most important aspect of a wedding reception (besides the food of course) is the musical entertainment. With so many options and choices out there all at different prices, how do you know which is the right entertainment for you? Don’t worry! We at Zuwa Entertainment are here to help. We are going to outline five key points that you should be looking for when booking a band or DJ for your special day. 

1 – You get what you pay for. 

This is no secret in any aspect of business, if you want a product that does exactly what it says you need to pay the money to do so. Let’s look at the positives. We all know that wedding receptions rack up a big bill but it’s your special day, so why not get a band that is also special? The key things to look for when booking a band is the promotional material. The video is the bands showcase to you as a client. We’ve all seen the viral videos of weddings bands going around sounding like they’ve only started playing their instruments yesterday. So in the videos listen for good audio quality and professional camera work. These are key factors that show the musicians are professional, and also care about their product. The location is also a good telling point, if its filmed in someone’s back yard it’s highly unlikely they have put much effort into making the product they best that they can. 

2 – How easy is it to communicate with the band? 

With all the stress that goes with planning a wedding you want sharp, quick answers to the questions you’re asking when booking a band. A good tell tail sign that a band is not professional as they seem is the lack of communication with their clients. (By the way, we at Zuwa Entertainment put our customer satisfaction at the top of our list). Okay, plug over! They should provide a clear and precise contract between you and themselves, have public liability insurance and both parties to agree any terms and conditions beforehand. 

3 – Are they original members of band?

Now, don’t be surprised if the lovely blonde singer or the handsome guitarist appearing in the video who you wish you’d married hasn’t turned up to play at your wedding. This is very normal! Musicians often find themselves in different scenarios where they’ve either been double booked, or find themselves not being able to show up to your particular gig. This is what we call in the musical world getting a ‘dep’. Now, this doesn’t mean to say that the lead singer calls their estranged uncle who used to play flute in the primary school band. A dep should be to the same standard if not better than the person they are replacing. It’s not always possible for the band to communicate this to you but they should at least try to explain. This should also be a tern in the contract signed by the two parties. 

4 – Where do I find a good band? 

Well my friend look no further, we at Zuwa Enter….okay okay lets get to it. First of all what is a good band? Is your daughter singing along to baby shark likely to win the hearts of millions? Yes! is it likely that she will be a good fit to sing at your wedding? We aren’t so sure. A good way to tell the quality of the band is the lead singer, good lead singers are so hard to come by these days they are usually with all the most in demand bands. Another question, Is the band that plays in my pub on a Thursday night good enough for my wedding reception…..NO! You want a a professional band that has experience in catering to your particular audience with the song lists as well as the performance. It may be a case of looking for bands that play outside your city such as a wedding band in Bristol, or London that is able to travel to Devon. Now, not to say there are no quality bands around you but as mentioned before look at their promo! Generally the google search “cheap bands near me” is not going to get you what you are looking for, as it happens you’ve found yourself in the right place, why not get in touch and get a quote for one of our high quality bands. See what I did there?

5 – Can I choose the whole bands setlist? 

So…there is a very short and precise answer to this question that may help….NO! The answer is no for a very good reason, the bands would have (or should have) rehearsed and compiled a song list that they can play exquisitely for you throughout the night. There is room for a few requests prior to the night, but asking them to play Bohemian Rhapsody with no rehearsal on the spot is just asking for disaster. You should trust that the band are going to do a good job and allow them to do their job’s, they’re good at it! 

We hope that this has been somewhat informative as to some of the steps to take when booking a band for your special day. The staff at Zuwa Entertainment  are here for you at any time to deal with an enquiry you may have and help you book the perfect band for your special band. The perfect wedding band is just a click away, so don’t be shy and say hi! 

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