Live Band Vs DJ

Live Band Vs DJ

Hiring a wedding band or a DJ for your wedding can be a tough choice but which is the correct one? DJ hire is becoming more and more popular among newlyweds because it appears to save on cost, which in some cases is true. 

DJ’s can bring a really cool element to your reception because they are able to play all the songs you request of them, although walking up to the DJ every two minutes asking to play Spice Girls can get a little annoying but I digress! As I said before DJ’s are able to save on cost but when does it work to have a DJ at your wedding? It comes down to you, yes that’s right. In music there is a saying, “know your audience”. If your guest list consists of Aunt Maggie who is 97 and Uncle Bob aged 101, then a DJ blasting tunes from Prodigy isn’t really going to work. On the other hand if you have a vibrant and party going crowd, it can really enhance the experience and you can have a wonderful night. 

Another plus to having a DJ at your reception is volume control. If your venue is close to residencies then its likely that there will be a sound limiter at the venue. This is a small device on the wall that shuts off the power when the sound gets too loud. I’ve been at weddings where the crowd singing too loud has shut the power off so it’s a good idea to ask the venue when booking if this is an issue. Invariably the venue will say that it’s fine but in truth it really isn’t. So, it’s much easier for a DJ to turn the volume down than it is for the drummer to mute his cymbals. 

So, there are some good reasons to hire a DJ to play at your wedding. What are the ups and downs to booking a live band? Let’s start with the positives. Everyone loves live music, regardless of what age you are or where you come from. When your hear that guitar solo you like or that roaring vocal line you sing along with in the shower, it evokes a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia that makes you live in the moment. Not to mention you would have enjoyed a few already from the open bar to make the experience that much better. The live aspect is something we all love. Live concerts far outweigh the record and the experience is the key thing. The interaction with the band is a huge part to them being there. The interaction helps you enjoy the night so much more because you are able to relate to the people and the songs right there in the room with you. 

On the down side, musicians are capable of making mistakes. So if a guitarists comes out of his solo during Robbie Williams ‘Angel’ and hits the note a semi-tone out, you’re going to notice (depending on how many pints you’ve had). As said previously volume could also be a problem. Although, this is dependant on the experience of the band and if they know how to play to the size off the room that they are in. 

There are many pros and cons when it comes to having a DJ or a live band at your wedding, but one thing is for sure and that is you need one of them no wedding is complete without a roaring rendition of Mr Brightside. 

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