Most Popular Wedding Music

Most Popular Wedding Music

Through the years of performing at hundreds of weddings we have heard every song known to man, from heavy metal first dances to somber weirdly classical performances by the groom, we’ve heard it all. So what is the most popular wedding music, and what will the contenders be for the upcoming wedding ceremonies? 

The Age of Rock

The age of rock never seems to die. Especially since the generation above us has it embedded in their minds that rock music is the greatest of all time. Solos from Guns n’ Roses always seem to evoke the action that everyone who can’t play guitar suddenly can and the guitarist in the band has to end up fighting for his guitars safety before uncle Joe breaks the G string. There are thousands of lists that you could find naming the number one song but we have a few in mind. 

The age of rock saw one of the greatest bands of all time come to being, Queen! With just the name there is little more that needs to be said but we have the two most requested wedding songs from the band. Are you ready? I’m sure you know the answer, here we go.

  1. Don’t Stop Me Now
  2. Don’t Stop Believing 

These are two of the most played wedding songs without fail. We have seen the crowd set off the noise limiter by singing at the top of their lungs. They definitely have to be in your list if you’re  a rocker!

80’s Music

Now to the era of the 80’s wedding music and it really fits in with the narrative of rock in your list. You have such bands as Genesis who are a cross between that classic rock and prominent 80’s grooves, so having a few 80’s gems thrown in the mix really does make for the most popular wedding music playlists. The great thing bout 80’s music is that it is timeless. Young and old can enjoy the best of the hits because they are constantly circulating on radio so young and old are familiar with the tunes. So which the most popular you ask? Well… here we go and its a contender with no competition. 

I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston 

I would implore you to find a more enjoyable song while slightly intoxicated on the dance floor! 

Pop Music

Now we move the younger generation where Bruno Mars and Drake are the kings of the dance floor. Pop music always has a place at weddings, as the name suggests its the most popular wedding music right? Thats a whole other debate, but we are looking at which are the bests songs to add to your playlist. Bruno Mars has swept the music industry away with his warmings smile and beautiful melodies. We often find his music at weddings and I’m confident in saying that his songs rank in the top places when it comes to popularity. Having a mix of music is key for the best playlist because there is something for everyone. The number one song is… drum roll please! 

Uptown Funk

Oh yes, you guessed right. This song is probably the most played pop songs at weddings and it is guaranteed to have the dance floor filled. So there we have it, a short list for some ideas t plan your best wedding playlist!

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