My Wedding Decor


Even though its not a competition, everyone is striving to have the most elaborate and beautiful decorations on their special day that will keep the talk going for the next ten years. Also, of course to have bragging rights over the next wedding that they attend and maybe pass a comment or two about how their flower arrangements could never have matched up to theirs! Through our experience of working with our clients we have seen so many beautiful wedding receptions that have blown our minds! But what makes the good ones stand out from the rest? Let’s look at some key points to making your wedding venue look wonderful. 

Flowers flowers flowers! It’s no doubt that flowers bring a magical array of colour and beauty that can light up any room no matter how dark the walls may be, or how dim the lights are. you can count on roses to make the space look like a fairy tail wonderland. The only problem with having such a feature is that it can run up the cost considerably, but thanks to our vast attendance of weddings we have a way around that! The first thing we would advise is to concentrate the flowers at the head table to focus on the bridal party that makes them shine on their special day. Now, instead of having them in vases on the table, a good option is to suspend them across the top of the table where you can arrange them to be the main feature of the room, behind the bride of course. Alternatively, you can get some fake flowers that will have the same effect on the room that you are in, and will lower your cost considerably.  

Another aspect to focus on is lighting. If you have lights with an array of colours it will bring such a dynamic to the decorations already in place that it will totally transform the experience. We all sit in our houses day in day out and it’s always a pleasant change for the guests when they walk into a room that is well lit to compliment the mood. At Zuwa Entertainment, all our bands have a wonderful array of lighting to compliment the live music, our bands not only give a great musical experience, but also look to bring the whole package for a magical night. 

Smoke mahcines! We all love smoke machines, but be careful they are known to have set off a few fire alarms. it’s important to find out from the venue if the accommodate any type of pyro technics. If you are able to have a smoke machine at your wedding then its a really amazing feature. It will transport your uncle Jim back to his disco days and theres no doubt that you will see a few electric slides (and possible a few sprained ankles) on the dance floor. 

So there are a few tips to making your day that much more special. Don’t forget you can inquire about booking one of our bands to play live music, we also provide DJ hire for all events. Why don’t you get in touch for a quote and we would be happy to get back to you to plan your special day. 

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