The Best Wedding Destinations

The Best Wedding Destinations

As lovely as it is to get married in your own back yard, or a beautiful estate in the countryside, there are other destinations to get married that are just as beautiful and cheaper. We’ve had the opportunity of visiting some beautiful countries and here are a few of the best wedding destinations we have been to.

My big fat Greek Wedding

best wedding destinations

Greece is one of the most beautifully stunning places I have ever been. The sun is always shining and the food is fantastic. We played at a wedding that had the most beautiful backdrop, the wedding reception was held outdoors and looked out onto the sea. A few tips if you are going to get married in Greece is to make sure that you start proceedings later rather than sooner as the sun can get blisteringly hot (just ask our saxophone player who was burnt to a crisp) and rather uncomfortable. It may also be a good idea to plan it outdoors as the weather is very predictable.

They weren’t lying when they said my big fat greek wedding because the food is awesome and so was the music! You can get catering at a much lower price for better value. It truly is one of the best wedding destinations. 

Sunshine in Montenegro

weddings in montenegro

Montenegro has to be one of the most beautiful countries that we’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Again, the wedding took place outdoors with the backdrop being the ocean. The number one reason for having your wedding there would be the budget. Things are considerably cheaper and the scenery makes up for any excess money you do spend. its

It’s probably a good idea to have a later wedding ceremony because of the heat but you can be guaranteed a lovely time. The only negative with planning your wedding there is the travel arrangements but trust me it is all worth it! Definitely one of the best wedding destinations.

Weddings in Italy

weddings in italy

Italy is known for its romance and having seen it first hand I can confirm this is true. Writing the description doesn’t do it justice as the experience was out of this world. We played at wedding that took place in Pisa and were up in the vineyards in an old castle with a beautiful garden that overlooked the country side. The decor was fantastic and the wine was out of this world and the wedding venue was amazing!

Getting married in such a venue may set you back a pretty penny but it is your special day after all. It has to be one of the best wedding destinations because of all the elements combined. You have the weather, the wine and the food so what more could you ask for? Accommodation is easy to find and is affordable too! 

We love visiting other countries, especially when it’s to entertain party guests.  

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