Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire

There is no doubt that Covid – 19 is still having a huge impact on the wedding world and certainly affects the way we dress. Your wedding attire is highly likely to involve a face mask with groups of big people. So how do we still look good and keep safe?

Wedding Photos

wedding photos

Now when it comes to the wedding photos it would be such a shame for everyone to be wearing disposable masks. You know you get those historical pictures that pop up online from 100 years ago? You really don’t want your wedding photo’s to be in that list. At wedding receptions we often find slippers that the bride and groom have arranged for people to wear so they feel more comfortable in after dinner. It may be a good idea to track down some custom made masks and have them made so that the guests all look stylish. You could even get them designed to suit the colour theme for the wedding, or be creative and get some whacky designs. It seems that face masks are going to be a distinct part of wedding attire.

Wedding Mask Designs

face masks

If you are still planning your wedding this year then you are in luck as there are so many wedding mask designs available. Kissing the bride may prove to be a bit tricky when wearing a mask though. You should also consider the weather when choosing what mask to wear as we don’t want you passing out when taking your vows. Try and go for something such as silk material or a nice thin cotton mask.

Mr. & Mrs.

mr and mrs

Getting married during these times is actually pretty special because it’s a significant time in history. You know those shirts you see when walking down the beach that say “I’m with stupid” and an arrow pointing to the other person? Why not get matching bride and groom face masks for the wedding? It may be a little hard to pull off without it looking like a prank, but it would make for a fantastic memory to look back and see that you tied the knot in one of the toughest times. Wedding attire is hard to choose in normal circumstances but try to make the most of it!

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