Your Wedding Dress

Your Wedding Dress

The talk of any wedding even before the bride has tried it on will be which dress she is wearing. There are so many wedding dresses to try on that its the same amount of exercise as a spin class. So how do you go about choosing the wedding dresses that will best suit you?

It’s Your Wedding Dress

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These days there is such a big focus on the way we look. It’s almost like a race to the gym as soon as you’ve said yes to the special question. What you have to remember is that it’s your wedding day. Don’t try to impress anyone with a dress that doesn’t showcase your personality and character. Often there is pressure from friends and family to look or dress a certain way but make sure you stay true to yourself and bring out your style!

The overall theme of the day can be focused on the dress so make sure that people see you for who you are and let the dress compliment your style.

The Wedding Reception

wedding reception

Very often we see ladies changing out of their main wedding dress into an evening gown. This is usually because they are uncomfortable or they are getting ready to have a boogie. Now, we understand if you wanted to stay in your dress all day, there is nothing wrong with that at all. You just have to make sure that it is comfortable enough for you to shake your money maker all night long.

Just remember not to get any cake on it either! We don’t want you to turn on Pinterest with cake all over your dress.

Second Hand Dresses

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This is a bit of a funny subject because your wedding dress should be for you. It is so often we hear of stories where the mother in law is trying to pass down her wedding dress that was used in 1977 because it’s “the perfect fit”. You will just have to stand your ground on this one and politely decline. If you do decide to accept the offer there is also nothing wrong with taking that route. We are all about tradition and keeping it in the family is a good way to start your marriage.

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