Black History Month

As we enter black history month, it’s a good time to remind us of black culture, as well as the influence within the music industry. There is an abundance of material to highlight, but let’s look at some of the most influential movements of recent times. African Music African music has such a large influence […]

Summer Weddings

summer wedding

On the hottest day of the year in 2020 it’s a shame that summer weddings have been put on hold. Covid – 19 has had a devastating effect on one of the busiest wedding weekends of the year. With things soon opening back up we could be seeing a huge resurgence of the UK’s best […]

Wedding Attire

There is no doubt that Covid – 19 is still having a huge impact on the wedding world and certainly affects the way we dress. Your wedding attire is highly likely to involve a face mask with groups of big people. So how do we still look good and keep safe? Wedding Photos Now when […]

Exciting Wedding Gifts

As a guest attending a wedding, buying a gift for the lucky couple can be a strenuous exercise. It’s almost a guarantee that they will end up with 50 toasters and 30 kettles. So when it comes to buying exciting wedding gifts we have come up with a few ideas to help you. Spa Day […]

After You’re Engaged

After he or she has popped the question and all the wonderful emotions are out the way, you then have to start planning the things to do after you’re engaged. It can be scary and stressful but its a very exciting time to plan the day that sets the tone for your future! Your Wedding […]

Your Wedding Dress

The talk of any wedding even before the bride has tried it on will be which dress she is wearing. There are so many wedding dresses to try on that its the same amount of exercise as a spin class. So how do you go about choosing the wedding dresses that will best suit you? […]

Best Wedding Themes

Wedding themes have become a craze in the last few years with couples getting married as Disney characters or getting their face painted to look like Shrek. What are the best themed weddings and how do you pull it off without making it look like a weird gimmick? It’s very easy to get pulled in […]

The Best Wedding Destinations

As lovely as it is to get married in your own back yard, or a beautiful estate in the countryside, there are other destinations to get married that are just as beautiful and cheaper. We’ve had the opportunity of visiting some beautiful countries and here are a few of the best wedding destinations we have […]

Most Popular Wedding Music

Through the years of performing at hundreds of weddings we have heard every song known to man, from heavy metal first dances to somber weirdly classical performances by the groom, we’ve heard it all. So what is the most popular wedding music, and what will the contenders be for the upcoming wedding ceremonies?  The Age […]

Music Culture

A huge talking point since the #BlackOutTuesday protest has brought about the hot topic of black music culture and the sales related to them. The #BlackLivesMatter protest has seen thousands of people take to the streets in a march of solidarity to raise racial awareness all across the world. Musicians and actors have been at […]


In one of the worst hit times in recent history due to Covid -19, another old ugly monster has reared it’s head once again in the form of racial injustice. This has sparked worldwide protests for the recent murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer who has only now been charged with murder, […]

Weddings After Lockdown

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has destroyed couples wedding plans for this year, whether it has postponed the wedding date or cancelled an engagement party, it has had a negative effect on everyone.  In fact the Evening Standard shows a report that 64% of weddings this year have been cancelled or postponed. So where […]

My Wedding Decor

Even though its not a competition, everyone is striving to have the most elaborate and beautiful decorations on their special day that will keep the talk going for the next ten years. Also, of course to have bragging rights over the next wedding that they attend and maybe pass a comment or two about how […]

Wedding Food

This is one of our favourite topics to discuss seeing as we have our bands at so many weddings each year, trying out all the different cuisines. Each of us at Zuwa Entertainment seem to have a funnier story than the next, where we have either been wowed with the food, or its fallen a […]

Booking the Best Bands

The most important aspect of a wedding reception (besides the food of course) is the musical entertainment. With so many options and choices out there all at different prices, how do you know which is the right entertainment for you? Don’t worry! We at Zuwa Entertainment are here to help. We are going to outline […]

Why The 80’s?

The era of the 80’s has to be one of the most prolific times in music history that encompasses so many different types of genre’s and styles. Not to mention the bright and colourful outfits that go along with it that we’ve all come to love at fancy dress parties, right? So with the image […]

Live Band Vs DJ

Hiring a wedding band or a DJ for your wedding can be a tough choice but which is the correct one? DJ hire is becoming more and more popular among newlyweds because it appears to save on cost, which in some cases is true.  DJ’s can bring a really cool element to your reception because […]